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We use science-based problem solving and extensive R&D to help clients propel themselves into the new age of food innovation.

Formulation Consulting

Kickstart your food creations and keep your development projects on course with expert assistance from a world-class team of food scientists and accomplished culinary professionals.

Our dedicated team is the vanguard of food innovation, specializing in allergen-free ingredients and better-for-you food options. Ever-changing consumer preferences drive trends and shape the markets we shop in. At Nepra Foods, we have developed a profound understanding of specialized ingredients and the challenges they pose in product manufacturing and commercialization.

We specialize in science-based problem solving to help your team conquer a vast range of obstacles and deliver cutting-edge ingredients and formulations that enable you to eclipse your competition. Connect with one of our experts today!

Kickstart your creations with solutions for:


  • Gluten-free baked goods
  • Cakes, donuts, mixes, brownies & muffins
  • Breads, rolls, bagels & flatbreads
  • Cookies & biscuits
  • Glazes, icings & frostings
  • Egg-free/reduced-egg baked goods
  • Fillings

Specializing in better-for-you sweets and snacks:


  • Creating sugar-free and reduced-sugar confections
  • Form clear, solution-stable films for chocolate coatings
  • Bringing indulgent, appealing texture to cream centers, frostings and fruit fillings

Innovative and functional favorites:


  • Plant-based cheeses, milk solids, and bases
  • High-protein and functional alternatives
  • Plant-based yogurts, milks and beverages
  • Indistinguishable tastes and textures from real dairy

Unmatched mouth-feel and flavor:


  • Creating sugar-free and reduced-sugar desserts
  • Dairy-free solid chocolates and sauces
  • Egg-free ice creams, custards and gelatos
  • High-protein and functional recipes

Where functional and flavorful meet:


  • Nutrient-dense and functional condiments
  • Better-for-you and lower sugar formulations
  • Omega-rich and high-protein recipes
  • Egg-free spreads and dressings

Tastes and textures just like the real thing:


  • Plant-based whole meat analogues
  • Plant-based meat crumbles and grinds
  • High-protein and complete amino profiles
  • Allergen-free formulations

Better-for-you traditional snacks:


  • Chips, crisps and crackers
  • Extruded snacks
  • High-protein baked snacks
  • Cereals, cereal bars & nutrition bars

Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we can’t create it. Click here to start a Formulation Request today!

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