World-class gluten-free products and consumer goods.

Nepra has developed and sourced specialty ingredients and blends that make it easier for commercial bakeries and leading food brands to offer leading-edge allergen-free and plant-based products to their customers.

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Real Chefs and Master Bakers using the newest technologies to make food that everybody can enjoy.

Eating foods free from allergens, animal products and gluten shouldn’t compromise flavor, texture and nutrition.

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Nepra Foods is a team of best-in-class experts with over 100 years of experience across a broad range of industries. Our team has a proven track record of building successful brands and businesses.

Chadwick White

Co-founder & CEO

Marc Olmsted

Co-founder & Director of R&D

Clay White

Director of Operations

A recipe for success

Nepra Foods is a vertically-integrated food company focused on disrupting the food industry with innovative products that taste so amazing people would never know they were gluten and allergen free, and entirely plant-based.

Allergen-free facility

Nested in Centennial, Colorado, our 31,000 sq ft. production facility and R&D lab is dedicated to specialty allergen-free ingredients and food products. 

Veteraned Industry experts

Take advantage of over 100 years of combined industry experience. Our team has a proven track record of building successful brands and disrupting industries with cutting-edge food technologies and untraditional ingredients.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How does Nepra Foods approach the development of gluten-free alternatives?

    Nepra Foods is a pioneer in creating gluten-free alternatives, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and specialty ingredients for exceptional taste and quality.

    Can Nepra Foods provide allergen-free recipes?

    Absolutely. Nepra Foods specializes in crafting allergen-free recipes, ensuring safety and inclusivity for individuals with various dietary restrictions.

    Does Nepra Foods offer dairy-free product development solutions?

    Yes, Nepra Foods is committed to dairy-free product development, creating delicious alternatives that cater to diverse dietary needs.

    How can businesses access wholesale gluten-free flours from Nepra Foods?

    Businesses can access Nepra Foods’ wholesale gluten-free flours by partnering with us for bulk ingredient solutions and custom blending.

    Does Nepra Foods provide nut-free snacks?

    Certainly. Nepra Foods offers a range of nut-free snack formulations, providing delicious options for individuals with nut allergies.

    Can businesses source nut-free bulk ingredients from Nepra Foods?

    Yes, Nepra Foods provides nut-free bulk ingredients, ensuring safety and convenience for businesses looking to create allergen-free products.

    Are Nepra Foods’ products vegan and allergen-free?

    Yes, Nepra Foods specializes in plant-based and allergen-free products, catering to the growing demand for plant-based and allergy-friendly options.

    How does Nepra Foods approach research and development?

    Yes, Nepra Foods offers wholesale ingredients, including access to a revolutionary ingredient wheelhouse and custom blending.

    How does Nepra Foods incorporate hemp-infused snacks into its product offerings?

    Nepra Foods pioneers the use of hemp in snacks, creating innovative and delicious hemp-infused products.

    How does Nepra Foods contribute to allergen-conscious food development?

    Nepra Foods is dedicated to allergen-conscious food development, ensuring safety and inclusivity in every product.

    Are Nepra Foods’ ingredients non-GMO and allergen-free?

    Yes, Nepra Foods prioritizes non-GMO and allergen-free ingredients, adhering to high-quality standards for clean and safe food products.

    Does Nepra Foods provide hemp-based products?

    Absolutely. Nepra Foods offers a range of hemp protein products, contributing to the growing demand for plant-based protein alternatives.

    How can businesses access gluten-free wholesale supplies from Nepra Foods?

    Businesses can partner with Nepra Foods for gluten-free wholesale supplies, gaining access to a diverse range of specialty ingredients and solutions.

    Can Nepra Foods create hypoallergenic foods?

    Yes, Nepra Foods excels in creating hypoallergenic foods, catering to individuals with various allergies and sensitivities.

    Does Nepra Foods offer hemp-based recipes?

    Yes, Nepra Foods pioneers the use of hemp in recipes, creating innovative and delicious hemp-based products.

    How does Nepra Foods ensure clean label allergen-free products?

    Nepra Foods prioritizes clean label formulations, using high-quality, natural ingredients for transparency in food labels while ensuring allergen-free options.

    Can businesses partner with Nepra Foods for clean label allergen-free product development?

    Absolutely. Nepra Foods collaborates with businesses to create clean label allergen-free products, meeting the demand for transparency and safety.

    Does Nepra Foods offer wholesale supplies specifically catering to food allergy-friendly products?

    Yes, Nepra Foods provides wholesale supplies tailored for food allergy-friendly products, ensuring businesses have access to a diverse range of safe and allergen-conscious ingredients.

    How can Nepra Foods assist businesses in product scale-up while maintaining nut-free alternatives?

    Nepra Foods has a proven track record of helping businesses scale up production while ensuring the continuity of nut-free alternatives. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition to large-scale manufacturing with a focus on allergen-free offerings.