Our Expert Team

Co-founder & CEO

Chadwick White

About Chadwick

Mr. White has over 34 years of experience in commercial product formulation & production implementation. Mr. White was the founder of Udi’s Healthy Foods and subsequently Udi’s Gluten-Free which was sold to Boulder Brands in 2012 for US$125 million. Mr. White received his Master Baker certification in 1998, being the 84th and youngest in the USA to attain such a designation.

  • 1998 Achieved Certified Master Baker
  • 2008 Founded Udi’s Gluten Free with the Bar-on family
  • 2012 Sold company to Boulder Brands $125 million
  • 2021 Successful Nepra Foods IPO oversold raising $7.5 million CAD

Co-founder & Director of Research & Development

Marc Olmsted

About marc

Mr. Olmsted has over 40 years of experience in the food service industry, namely as an Executive Pastry Chef. Mr. Olmsted brings expertise in practical implementation of new ingredients into traditional products in the baking, savory sweets and snack-food industries.

  • Seasoned Executive Pastry Chef
  • Experience working with specialty and allergen-free ingredients
  • Research & Development innovator and leader

Director of Operations 

Clay White

About Clay

Mr. White has over 15 years in the food and beverage industry as a classically-trained chef. Mr. White has worked in several celebrity and Michelin restaurants throughout his career and developed thousands of custom dishes and beverages, perfecting his skills in flavor balancing though ingredient use and innovation.

  • Cutting-edge product development
  • Michelin Star restaurant experience
  • Classically trained Chef

Director of Food Safety

Natasha Phipps

About Natasha

Mrs. Phipps has more than 25 years of experience in food quality, nutrition labeling, manufacturing, and research. Natasha graduated from Kansas State University receiving her B.S. in Bakery Science Management with further studies in a master’s program of Cereal Chemistry. Natasha has held operating positions within the USDA Grain Marketing Research Center, AIB International, and Udi’s Gluten-Free.​

  • Pioneered the gluten-free baking space
  • B.S in Bakery Science Management
  • Seasoned in Food Safety and QA

Registered Dietitian & R&D Project Manager

Kimberly Mayo

About Kimberly

Ms. Mayo participates as a member of our innovation team providing guidance and input as to the nutritional characteristics and values of our products.​

Drawing upon her diverse career experience including the development of functional plant-based and allergen-free products and applying knowledge of FDA and other governing bodies Ms. Mayo is an effective member of the team.

  • Cross-functional project management
  • Plant-based ingredients & applications
  • Project consulting

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