Beyond the Ordinary

The future of  food is here.

Nepra Foods is a pioneering force in food science and product development, specializing in crafting delectable, allergen-free, and high-protein foods at the forefront of technological and innovative advancements.

Our Product Development team is dedicated to providing tailored food development solutions, partnering with clients ranging from emerging brands to multi-billion-dollar CPG companies, retailers, and foodservice operators. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team prioritizes the essence of food, delivering culinary creativity from breakthrough concepts to seamless production.

Food is our passion.

At Nepra Foods, our expert team of culinary and food science professionals are at the forefront of innovation. We don’t just follow trends; we create them. This is where culinary breakthroughs happen, marking the start of your success.

Immersed in the food landscape, our passion for flavor defines us. Known for our expertise, clients repeatedly turn to us for undeniably delightful foods and precise solutions, leveraging our holistic approach and scientific knowledge.

Our approach

At our core, we excel in food product development. Our extensive experience across various food categories enables us to consistently deliver delicious outcomes. Our approach involves crafting products with the end goal in mind, working within a framework of feasibility to seamlessly transition from benchtop to the production line.

Prosperity takes root in a well-planted idea.

At Nepra Foods, we specialize in overcoming allergen-free product development challenges. Our tailored assistance speeds up your journey to success, whether you’re launching a new product or refreshing an existing one. Benefit from our technical expertise, shorten timelines, and tap into our extensive partner ecosystem for on-trend, in-demand products with clear, upfront commitments.

Tailor your growth plan to fit your needs.

Through collaborative discussions in an initial consultation and with the insights gained from our project brief, our team will co-create a tailored action plan to meet your product development needs. This collaborative plan will delineate your company’s objectives, agreed-upon expenses, deadlines, product visions, and parameters, ensuring alignment and shared goals.

Invent and shape a solution that reflects your creativity.

Our collaborative, multi-disciplinary team works closely with you to envision, craft, test, and refine your final product formula. Harnessing the formulation expertise of our seasoned team and tapping into our wide-ranging ingredient portfolio, we ensure a comprehensive approach. Moreover, we can also procure additional ingredients from external providers if necessary. As part of our commitment, we provide benchtop samples and multiple iterations to guarantee your product needs are met.

Fine-tuned for future success.

At Nepra Foods, our meticulous approach involves refining benchtop samples through multiple iterations to achieve the perfect formula. Collaborating closely with clients, we evaluate flavor profiles, texture, and overall product performance. This iterative process ensures that every detail aligns with desired specifications, resulting in a standout product that offers unparalleled quality and satisfaction.

In-plant testing and quality assurance. 

Our commitment to your product’s success extends to in-plant trials. Our experienced team travels to your manufacturing location, offering hands-on assistance to ensure the finished product aligns precisely with the specified formula, meeting the highest standards of quality and consistency. Actively participating in these trials, we guarantee a seamless integration of the final formula into your manufacturing operations for a successful and efficient production run.

Collaboration with us is continuous.

At Nepra Foods, we’re committed to being your seamless development partners, rapidly iterating prototypes and incorporating real-time feedback from consumers and stakeholders. Join us on the bench for hands-on collaboration and access our network of clean-label ingredient suppliers. Secure stakeholder buy-in with samples for internal meetings, presentations, or trade shows, and rest assured—all intellectual property we contribute remains exclusively yours.

Let us help kickstart your next creation.