Hemp Protein 101

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill & the release of hemp from its categorization with marijuana, manufacturers & food scientists across the country finally received the “green” light they’ve been waiting for. In the food world, hemp research & development is actively unlocking new horizons with vast health benefits & companies like Nepra Foods are bringing these revolutionary plant-based products into the spotlight.  

One of Nepra’s pillar ingredients, hemp heart protein flour, is made from the seeds of the non-psychoactive cannabis sativa plant. Carefully dehulled & milled to the finest purity, this product naturally yields around 16g protein per ¼ cup (30g) serving & is a complete plant protein; it contains all 20 amino acids, with the golden ratio of Omega 3 to 6 fatty acids – all of which are integral to our body’s optimum wellness. [2]   

Historically, milling hemp seeds into flour creates a green colored product with a noticeably grassy flavor – this is largely due to the hemp hulls (the hard, outer casing of the seed) being included in the blending process. With the aim to craft a cleaner product, Nepra Foods has refined the hemp flour milling process by dehulling the hemp seed prior to manufacturing. The dehulling process improves the quality of the flour (& any subsequent oil pressed from the seed) by removing any tannins that may affect color & taste. With the hull removed & the raw seed milled, Nepra Foods has been able to create a pure, white hemp flour. Check out Our Process here!

Because Nepra Food’s hemp heart flour is naturally gluten & allergen free, it offers an elegant solution to the general lack of protein found in plant-based, gluten & allergen free products on the market today. When gluten is removed from its natural source, a deficiency is created that must be filled with a secondary protein. Hemp Heart Flour, however, is the full package. 

When adding Hemp Heart Flour into any baked good or bread it is important to take the residual fat content into account. The R&D team at Nepra Foods can provide tips and tricks on how to replace some of the flour in your recipe with hemp flour to enhance the nutrition and protein content. 

Sourcing: (1.) https://neprafoods.com/mission/


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